Emmauel, The Light the darkness could not overcome!

“Emmauel, The Light the darkness could not overcome!” is the Parish theme chosen for the Season of the Glorious Birth of our Lord. Meditating and reflecting upon this theme and the Sunday Gospels throughout the Season, we will realise that this theme is perfectly chosen and truly befitting.

On the first Sunday, an aged and barren couple, whom in the eyes of the community were seen as sinners because they could not have children, are told that they will have a son. The darkness would not overcome their light. On the second Sunday, the Light is made flesh through the “yes” of a Virgin. Light and hope is being through the cooperation of Mary with the Will of the Father. Mary’s visit to Elizabeth is the third Sunday in the Season of the Glorious Birth. Mary, carrying the Light of the World in her womb goes to visit and serve her cousin. The birth of John the Baptist of the fourth Sunday is proof that God is merciful to those who seek it, this mercy is Light for all those who are in darkness. On the fifth Sunday, we see Righteous Joseph caught in a bit of a dilemma. He experiences some darkness about what to do with his pregnant fiancé. The angel appears and sheds Light on his problem. Genealogy Sunday is the final Sunday before the Birth of Christ. A quick glance at Christs’ ancestors reveals both Saints and Sinners. Regardless of family history or how dark some of the relatives may be, light overcomes it.

All the above Gospels lead us to the birth of Emmanuel. The birth of Christ is the birth of Light. It is the birth of a new hope and the birth of the salvation of the world. It is the birth of a Saviour whose life was to show the love of the Father to all humankind. It is the Birth of Emmanuel; the Light the darkness could not overcome.

My dearest Parishioners, in our world darkened by pleasures of the flesh, we are in desperate need of the Light. As baptised children of God, it is our duty and responsibility to help spread this Light throughout the world. We are called to be witnesses to the Light of the World and to ensure that the darkness does not overcome it.

I would like to thank the men and women who helped light up our Church grounds with Christmas lights and to those who put together the Christmas tree and Nativity Scene in the CPYC and in the Church. This week, the Seniors’ Committee celebrated a Christmas Mass and Christmas party for our senior citizens. On Thursday night, the Sodality celebrated the Feast of the Immaculate Conception with renewal of vows followed by a Cocktail. The Come Alive Road Trip to St Mary’s Cathedral for the opening of the Christmas lights display was also a great success. Thanks to those who organised this event. Our Fersen children also celebrated Christmas as a family with their annual Christmas party. Brothers and sisters, our Maronite Christmas Novena begins on the Thursday 15th December, please check our Facebook for more information. Finally, our annual Carols by Candlelight will be held on the 16th December. Father Tony Sarkis

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