• The righteous will flourish like the palm tree

    and grow like a cedar of Lebanon

    الصديق كالنخل يزهر، ومثل أرز لبنان ينمي

  • On the rock of Saint Peter

    Jesus built his holy Church


  • O Lord, you are the pleasing

    Oblation, who offered

    yourself to us.

  •  يا صليباً تمجد سلماً يسمو تيها
    فيك البيعة تصعد نحو الرب فاديها
  • O Lord, accept the incense that we have offered to you, 

    and spread security & peace among all peoples & nations.


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Shepherd’s Corner – The Dinner Table

Sisters and Brothers,
As we continue our journey in this Glorious Season experiencing the radiant light of the Resurrection in our lives we stop at a very important station in our Liturgical and Scriptural life – The Emmaus Story. St Margaret and Nehme have beautifully reflected on this story in their articles but one aspect of this story that continually intrigues me year after year is the following passage: “When he was at the table with them, he took bread, blessed and broke it, and gave it to them. Then their eyes were opened, and they recognized him.” The disciples, who had not recognised Jesus at all during the long trip to Emmaus, recognised him at the dinner table. Their eyes were opened at the dinner table! How important is this dinner table then?

The dinner table is extremely important as it represents the family! Through the gift of the family the eyes of our children are opened to our faith. Through the family, our eyes are opened to the love that we have for each other and the abundant love that stems from our heavenly father. The family is the heart of our lives. It is the foundation in which everything in this world revolves around. And like soil, if you look after it, then it will produce good fruits which will nourish our society.

When a man and a woman are joined together in marriage the unity of the two into one makes the new unity a reflection of the unity of the Holy Trinity, and the unity of Christ and the Church. For the family of many persons united in one truth and love is indeed the created manifestation of the one family of God’s Kingdom, and of God himself, the blessed Trinity. A family united together in the love of God and of one another is a good example for others. If we want a unified world then we need to have unity in our families.

As you are all aware, Pope Francis is emphasising the place and role of the family through the Synod which began in October last year and will finish in October this year. At a local level, Bishop Antoine-Charbel dedicated the Friday Sermons during Lent to the family also. For the next few weeks I will also be focusing on the various aspects of the family in this corner. I pray that together we can continue to learn just how important the family is.

On the 17th May our parish will be honouring a very important member of our families – our beloved Mothers. This year we will be celebrating Mother’s day one week after the official day to allow each family to celebrate this beautiful day at a personal level. The 11 o’clock Mass on this day will be celebrated by His Excellency Bishop Antoine-Charbel. After the Mass we have organised a function in the Church Hall. I ask you all to bring your mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers and mothers-in-law to this wonderful celebration. Details can be found in the announcements section of the newsletter and all our social media sources. To book, please see one of the committee leaders or call the main office. All proceeds from this event will go towards the building of the new presbytery. Your support is much appreciated.

Fr Tony Sarkis

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