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The Maronite Youth Organisation “OLOL YOUTH”



Formed in 1984 by Fr. Michael Kairouz, the Maronite Youth Organization (MYO) is the official voluntary youth committee of Our Lady of Lebanon (OLOL) Church, Harris Park. Since the formation of the MYO, there have been a number of young individuals who have contributed significantly to the community in a range of successful spiritual, social and charitable activities. The previous Presidents and Chaplains of the MYO are as follows:

Jan 1994- Feb 2003: Fr Geoffrey Abdallah
Feb 2003- Sept 2004: Fr Alain Fares
Sept 2004 - Jan 2016: Monsignor Shora Maree
Jan 2016 - Current: Fr Raphael Abboud


Our Current Committee for 2017-2019


Youth Chaplain: Fr Raphael Abboud
Assistant Youth Chaplain: Sub Deacon Charbel Dib
Coordinator: Joanne Elias
Assistant Coordinator: Roy Farah
Secretary: Helena Katrib
Treasurer: Joseph Ghalloub
Spiritual Coordinator: Mary Raffoul
Charity Coordinator: Joanna Michael
Social Coordinator: Roni Hanna
Logistics Coordinator: Charbel Bou Daher
Media Coordinator: Anthony Khoury
MYO Works Assistant: Tony Lahoud & Rafqa Hadchiti


The vision of the MYO is to strengthen the Maronite community faith within the Parish and the wider Australian community


The mission of the MYO of OLOL Co-Cathedral, Harris Park is to:
1. Foster, strengthen and grow in our Maronite faith and commitment to our parish and Church.
2. Understand and address the needs and issues of the youth in our parish.
3. Organize, encourage and promote social interaction for youth in our Australian-Lebanese Community.


’Faith, Fun and Friendship by serving God through the community’


The MYO has offered, amongst many other things, support, encouragement, understanding, spiritual and personal growth and above all, friendship.
It has provided the opportunity for many to develop skills in different areas, work autonomously and as a team member, and allowed people to give something back to the community.


These are some of the examples of MYO Events that are run by the Committee (but not limited to):

  •  Spiritual Retreats
  •  Trivia Nights
  •  State of Origin Viewings
  •  Wine Tasting Tour
  •  Charity Fundraising: World’s greatest shave
  •  Cricket and Chicken Nights
  •  Youth Celebration for Feast Week
  •  Interstate Trips
  •  Ski trip
  •  Dinner Dances and Balls
  •  Karaoke Night
  •  Spiritual event Days
  •  Harbour Cruises
  •  Picnic/beach Days
  •  Christmas/New Year Nights

In addition to the above mentioned events, The MYO helps facilitate the 7:00pm Masses and also initiated a second collection plate during the Lenten and Christmas period for a selected charity.
The MYO has contributed to many of our Parish celebrations and activities, both spiritual and social, such as Palm Sunday festivities, Good Friday and Easter Masses, Feast week celebrations and Christmas festivities.

The MYO has assisted with Diocesan events by regularly attending Maronite Youth Diocesan Committee (MYDC) meetings and assisting in the organization of the Maronite Sports Day and Dinner Dance.

Some members of the MYO also participate in the Youth on Air program on the Voice of Charity station every Tuesday evening at 8:00pm. The hour is a live discussion if different issues relating to Maronite Youth. In addition to various other Parish and Diocesan committees such as St Vincent de Paul conference, Friends of Friends, Faith and Light, Maronites for Life, Adult Faith Formation, Traffic controllers, Choir, Media and IT, Fersen Al Adra, Teens, Arabic classes and more.


The following is the types of meetings that the MYO will run:
1) MYO General Meeting- the purpose of this is to engage the wider youth group and to update them on upcoming events. This is also a chance for General Youth group to become more involved in events and activities as well as voice feedback. These meetings usually happen on the first Tuesday of every month.
2) Monthly Executive Meeting- is chaired by the Youth Coordinator. The purpose of this meeting is to allow the Executive Committee to table and discuss things that are happening in their area as well as what guidance and support they need from the Executive Leadership Team (Chaplain, Youth Coordinator, Assistant Coordinator). This is also an opportunity for the Executive Leadership Team to communicate changes, policies or discuss any wider parish feedback that concerns the Youth.
3) Subcommittees- the purpose of these meetings is to discuss the specifics of a social, spiritual or charity event. These subcommittees are chaired by the Social/Spiritual/Charity Coordinator and must commence 4-6 weeks prior to an event to allow for proper planning and execution. It is the responsibility of the Social/Spiritual/Charity Coordinator to ensure this happens and keeps the ELT abreast of all proceedings. Subcommittees can involve members outside of the Executive Committee who are willing to participate and champion various activities. The Executive Leadership Team will only be involved by exception or where required/requested.

We always welcome and encourage any Youth interested in our activities to join, and we Pray that through the strength of God, that we may help make our Maronite family stronger in faith and in love. If you would like to join or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Youth Chaplain Fr Raphael Abboud on 0401 627 777 or Youth Coordinator,
John-Claude Tadros on 0422 643 203.

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