Altar Servers

9.30am Mass

Note: Rostered Altar Servers are expected to arrive at approx. 9.15am. Your spot will be filled at 9.25am.

For any changes, To be put on the list, or for any questions or concerns, contact Emily on 0450693335

Sunday 28th January 2018
Stephen Khaliffe
Joseph Habib
Annabella Khoury
Marissa Elzahoul
Christina Elzahoul
Joseph Bechara


Sunday 4th February 2018
Joyce Ayoub
Peter Elzahoul
Sara Baltasar
Alex Chahin
Jonah Friefer
Jake El Sabbagh


Sunday 11th February 2018
George Azizi
Louis Ayoub
Sara Baltasar
Marita Ishak
Evana Ishak
Jake Antoun


Sunday 18th February 2018
Christen Baltasar
Carla Ayoub
Alyssa Habib
Jo Harb
Gabriella Fahad
Mikayla Fahad




Sunday 25th February 2018
Norman Elzahoul
Mia Friefer
Serene Mawad
Annalise Khoury
Angelina Khoury
Joey Elzahoul


Sunday 4th March 2018
Andre Elzahoul
Tatiana Khoury
Charlize Khoury
Angelina Wehbe
George Ghasb
Nicholas Azizi


Sunday 11th March 2018
Stephen Khaliffe
Joseph Sahyoun
Narella Wakim
Christine Sahyoun
Elie Menhem
Sara Maree Wakim


Sunday 18th March 2018
Joyce Ayoub
Anthony Habib
Hannah Habib
Charbel Ghasb
Antonia Bou Melhem
Michael Elzahoul













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