Family Committee


Like the Holy Family of Nazareth, the committee models itself on the truth and beauty of the Maronite Catholic faith, to strengthen the sense of belonging to the church, to the community and to society in general.

Task Ministries:

The committee meets to plan, organise and promote the Spiritual, Social and Community aspects of families and marriage spirituality in the Parish. Working united as a team, the committee:

  1. Organises family orientation sessions with couples on current family issues.
  2. Promotes marriage spirituality through the Teams movement.
  3. Arranges for spiritual and social activities for families in the form of retreats, camps, parties, Sunday brunches after the 9:30am  Family Mass and celebrating special occasions.
  4. Encourages good relationships between youth, teenagers, and children of the Parish.

Eligibility for Membership:

Married couples of all ages.


Fr. Tony Sarkis 

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