Liturgical & Pastoral


The church desires that all the faithful sould be led to a fully conscious and active participation in liturgical celebrations. The Liturgical Committee is a team whose responsibility is to promote this active participation of the lay faithful in all the church services.

Task Ministries:

The committee meets every three weeks to plan for the Liturgical Seasons ahead, keeping "Maroniteness" in mind. This will consist of:

  1. Preparing for Liturgical Events, Sacraments and para-liturgical services.
  2. Providing and preparing Priests' Vestments and Altar Servers' Robes, Altar linen, Icons, Liturgical board and church decor, Prayers and Hymns' books.
  3. Arranging for Choir practices and Altar Servers' rehearsals, Slide shows for Divine Liturgy. Organising Ushers and Lectors for major celebrations.

Eligibility for Membership:

18 years and above.

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