Aging can be a happy journey when physical, spiritual and emotional support is made available. The Elderly within the Maronite community are assured of the care they need through the Seniors Committee.

Task Ministries:

An atmosphere of joy promotes healing and provides a spiritual ambience for peace and prayer. To bring this about, the committee meets monthly to plan and organise entertainment facilities for the Elderly.

  1. Organising a varied and innovative range of service celebrations, events and activities to improve the lifestyle of our Elderly Maronite.
  2. Celebrating Maronites feast and festivals in a meaningful way.
  3. Set aside days in the month for discussion on spiritual and pastoral events.
  4. Prepare statistics in conjuction with our Diocesan Chancery.
  5. Organise visits to home, hospitals, hostels and nursing homes.

Eligibility for Membership:

Open to all ages from 20 years and above.


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