In the Beginning...

The choir came about to support the English Youth Mass on Sunday nights as far back as 1984. Like any choir, its function is to lead the congregation in prayer... and singing is very important part of prayer. Now our parish includes 4 different choirs.

Family and Children Choir (9:30AM Mass)

Arabic Traditional Choir (11AM Mass)

Arabic and English Youth Choir (5PM Mass)

English Youth Choir (7PM Mass)

Joining the Choir

Everyone in the choir would agree that it’s greatly satisfying to be part of a group that makes youth mass so enjoyable. It is more than singing a song or two, it’s about singing that encourages, motivates and invites all the congregation to join in celebrating the mass.

If anybody would like to join the choir, please feel free to contact Ghadi before or after any of the Sunday masses.


Each of the highlighted choirs practices on its own.

Choir practice includes Vocal Warm Ups, learning singing techniques, learning our syriac chant and preparing for mass.

Hymn Selection

While the hymns for the mass are usually selected by Ghadi, the Choir as a whole will often help in the process, offering creative suggestion. The hymns chosen are based on their relevance to the gospel, a particular feast day, or the Church season.

Males and Females

For the fullest and richest tones, the choir works best when there are both males and females singing. They are grouped separately for clearer choir sound, vocal ranges and harmonies.


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