Feast Week Volunteering

Our Lady of Lebanon Church Feast Week 2017 Volunteers Needed.

If you wish to volunteer you time and talent to help with OLOL Feast Week please fill out the form below, we will be in touch with you to confirm the dates and times.

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Date & Time you wish to be volunteering for:

Monday 31st of July
Tuesday 1st August
General Setup, Lifting, Tables, etc....
Wednesday 2nd August
Mahmoul baking, Prep for Saj baking,Fencing/tables/crates/bins/Machinery/Saj/gas bottles/hot plate BBQ/signage, tables set up electrical installations
Thursday 3rd August
Prep for Souk logistics, Stalls finish
Friday 4th August
6pm Opening Procession Crowed Control, Prep for Souk/bakery weekend, Final Souk set up
Saturday 5th August -Souk Night
General Setup, final Souk prep night, general help, pack up, clean up.
Sunday 6th August - Youth Mass and BBQ
Set up for youth BBQ, Moving stalls/stage, General help.
Friday 11th August
BB Q Setup, tables / chairs / bins / signage / stage / seating / fencing / freezer /marquee
Saturday 12th August - BBQ and Ride night
Crowed Control, Rides operators, General volunteers, stall operators, ticketing, pack up and clean up.
Sunday 13th August- Family Fund Day
Ride operation, Setup, stalls, pack up and general help, Hrissi setup.
Monday 14th August- Hrissi Night
General setup, crowed control, general volunteering, pack up, clean up.
Tuesday 15th August- Hrissi Night
General duties, final pack up.
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