Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee is comprised of the Priest with volunteer lay members of the Parish, supported by the Bishop.

The Committee is governed by the Constitution for Parish Stewardship Committees and its primary responsibilities are:

  1. Assisting the Parish Priest in his Pastoral mission in accordance with Article 1 of the constitution.
  2. Providing funds for the maintenance of the Parish Church, properties and assets, its cleanliness, tidiness, decoration and for all that is necessary for Divine Worship in accordance with Church law.
  3. Filing and maintenance of titles of Parish properties
  4. Maintaining a list of Parish assets
  5. Collection of pledges and donations and maintaining official records of these contributions
  6. Maintaining diligently all Parish land and properties and associated rental incomes[1]

As an extension to the responsibilities presented above, the Stewardship committee seeks to diligently:

  1. Inform our parishioners about the spiritual blessings and material benefits to be derived from Christian stewardship.
  2. Inform our parishioners about our parish's financial needs and the need to support our parish community.
  3. Provide parishioners and others with various structured opportunities (programs) to afford their time, talents and treasures to Our Lady Of Lebanon Parish.
  4. Coordinate the corporate donation portion of the parish events and act in an advisory and support capacity for parish ministries, clubs, and other committees in regard to their events.
  5. Manage the development and prioritization of projects related to stewardship that are needed for the long-term viability of the parish.
  6. Sponsors programs and presentations on Financial Planning, Estate Planning,
  7. Undertake long range strategic planning is an important aspect of Our Lady of Lebanon's future.
  8. Promote community involvement and participation through new iniatives…… centre

The Committee meets once a month, generally the second Tuesday of the month and at other times when necessary. Various roles are allocated to the members based on their areas of expertise.

Our Lady of Lebanon Stewardship Committee




Monsignor ShoraMaree


Father Pierre El Khoury

Assistant Parish Priest

Patrick Kahwaji


Sid Saad

Co-ordinator/Building, Maintenance, Property (Childcare)

Tony Michael


Gabi Dagher


Theresa Simon

Legal/Properties (Childcare)

George Harb



I.T. & Planning

George Khouri

I.T. & Planning


Secretary/Financial & Planning


Building, Maintenance, Property & OHS

Raymond Mawad


Tina Salame

Minutes Secretary


Stewardship Committee Projects



Estimated Project Cost

Community Youth and Parish Centre

$5.5 Million - Completed

External Church Repairs & Painting

$100,000 - Completed

Leasing of shops in the community Centre


Parish Coffee Shop


Statue Replacement


Rectify Fire Damage to Church

$200,000 - Completed

Re-Development of old parish Office to a Child Care Centre

$300,000 - In progress

Future Projects


Parish traffic Management Plan


Upgrade Church Sacristy

Awaiting quotations

Recently Completed Projects


New Church Sound System


Church Ventilation


Church Wall Fans


Parish Gift Shop Upgrade


Hall Sound System Upgrade


Hall Ceiling Restoration


Church Lighting Upgrade


Carpark Expansion Joint Repairs


Hall Air Conditioning Upgrade

$ 15,000 +

Security System Installation

$ 9,000 +


Capital and Maintenance Projects currently under investigation


  • Adequate disabled access – Provision of disabled toilets  for parishioners and disabled access to the lower parking levels and hall,
  • Upgrade of the Hall - upgrade of the main hall kitchen, upgrade of foyer entry to the main hall updgrade of main hall,
  • Church Roof - repair and rectification of church roof






[1] Constitution for Stewardship Committes, Article 8


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