Request Form for Baptism

We, the parents, request that our child receive the Sacrament of Baptism.
We understand that Baptism establishes a bond between our child and God and thereby links our child with all others who are his followers.
We understand that Baptism initiates our child into the community of believers who follow Jesus Christ and that community on the local level is the Parish Church Community.

Our request for lawful baptism implies that we as parents wish our child to be raised believing and living the values of that Christian community called the Catholic Church.

As members of that Church we believe all that Christ taught us and we wish to pass on tc our child the faith that is ours, and so we will try and set an example of true Catholic living.

We know that the Church encourages parents to promote prayer at home and obliges then: to attend Mass on Sundays as an integral part of their Catholic life-style.

We understand that baptism of our child is the first step in a lifetime of faith and that in due time our child will mature through the reception of other sacraments - Reconciliation. Eucharist.

What is Baptism?

Baptism is a sacrament of initiation and a principal sign of God's love for us. Through this sacrament, we enter into and celebrate a new life in union with Jesus Christ and the Christian Community.

What do the Principal Symbols of Baptism signify?

Water: Baptism means "washing". In the early church, the person was immersed in a pool of water. While today, it is more common for the priest to pour water over the forehead of the person. Baptismal water means the death of an old life to sin. Water also means life. In baptism, we are reborn into a new life with Jesus Christ.

Oil:Oil heals and protects. It was also used to anoint kings and queens. The

anointing with oil in baptism reminds us that the Lord extends salvation to us and sends his Spirit to protect and strengthen us. The meaning of the Christ is "anointed one". The oil of baptism symbolizes that we share in the life of Jesus Christ. We become his followers, a kingly people, the anointed of the Anointed One.

White Garments: Symbol of purity, festivity, and a new identity. The newly Baptized person shows willingness to live a new life in union with the Lord.

What is Confirmation?

Confirmation is a sacrament of initiation. Along with baptism and Eucharist, confirmation brings to completion the making of a Christian. It is the seal of baptism, a celebration of the gift of the Holy Spirit and a confirming of the baptismal gifts given by the Spirit.


  • At least one, if not all Godparents, should be Catholic.
  • Both Godparents should be over 16.
  • ONE Candle for the baby and NO Candles for the rest of the visitors.
  • DO NOT bring the child wearing the white gown, but wearing colour clothes. The
  • child will be dressed in the white gown during Baptism.
  • Document showing address: Driver's licence...
  • Towel.


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